Tiitty Bear started out as a parody video seen on the Earthovision television show and then someone said “Hey, that’s a cool idea, you should sell them for real.”

People spend their entire lives looking for peace and well being. It’s not that complicated when you remember that the very first time we feel peace and well being is when we are babies being held to our mother’s chest.

Although breasts are considered taboo in many cultures the fact is humans are mammals which means we are “Animals with mammaries.” What makes mammals special is that we all have breasts.

The most basic, primordial sense of well being began at your mother’s breast so we figured a female teddy bear could do a much better job of consoling, nurturing and making you feel better.  The next time you’re stressed or lonely just set your old fashioned, male teddy bear aside and cuddle with your Tiitty Bear. You’ll feel the difference. (Be sure to spell Titty Bear with two “i”s and naturally…always dot both.)

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